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    Constitutionalizing Globalization: The Postmodern Revival of Confederal Arrangements
    The world as a whole is in the midst of a paradigm shift from a world of states, modeled after the ideal of the nation-state developed at the beginning of the modern epoch in the seventeenth century, to a world of diminished state sovereignty and increased interstate linkages of a constitutionalized federal character.
    Federal Systems of the World: A Handbook of Federal, Confederal and Autonomy Arrangements
    Over 90 per cent of all "sovereign" states encompass a significant ethnic diversity. If each separate self-governing comprehensive political entity were to be counted, the number would be in the hundreds, and if local home rule arrangements were added, in the thousands.
    Two Peoples--One Land: Federal Solutions for Israel, the Palestinians, and Jordan
    The land known to Jews as Eretz Yisrael and to Arabs in recent times as Falastin is the home of two peoples -- Jewish and Arab. These two peoples, weary of several generations of conflict, are now seeking a way to coexist and share the land between them for their mutual security and prosperity.
    Constitutional Design and Power-Sharing in the Post-Modern Epoch
    Over a third of the world's population lives within political systems which formally define themselves as federal. Over 40 percent more live within political systems which make use of federal arrangements. Thus nearly three-quarters of the human race must deal with federal arrangements in their state political engagements.


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